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Family Flix Movie Night Gift Box

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Let that Movie Fan choose their own movie tonight!  Included is a Red Box Gift card good for six movie rentals along with enough Theater Favorite snacks to satisfy the "munchies" every time they rent a movie on you.

 Includes: 2 microwave pop up popcorn bowls, Skittles candies, 2 Cracker Jacks Bags, Chex Mix snack, Twizzlers licorice, Kit Kat Bar, Classic Hershey Bar, Raisinettes, Peanut M & M's, Plain M & M's, Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies, Snyder's Pretzels, Oreo Cookies and a Red Box gift card good for six movie rentals, and a Movie Directors chalk board. This gift measures 11" long by 9" wide and 17" tall when complete and is topped with a movie reel hand made bow.