Popcorn Pack - I'm a Gift-Basket Case!

Popcorn Pack

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The Popcorn Pack gift basket - It's America's Favorite snack accompanied by a host of their other favorite snacks, chocolate and cookies!  You can be the star when they receive a Popcorn Pack gift basket from you!

2 Nostalgic Cokes
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
M&M's Milk Chocolate Plain Candies
2 Oreo Cookie Packs (6 in each)
Wrigley's Fruit Gum
2 Microwave Popcorn
Nestle Crunch Candy Bar
Lg. Rold Gold Pretzel
Twizzlers Licorice
Cracker Jacks
M&M's Milk Chocolate with peanut candies
Famous Amos Cookies